The DxHxShredder Tour 2002

The Legacy

The DxHxShredder Pro Model by Don Hamilton.


The DxHxShredder Skateboard Commercial

Pro Model. Now available at Boardwalk Skate and Surf in Venice Beach, California. 

"Skateboard Sense" the movie. With Hang Ten World Champion Don Hamilton. Shot in 1975 at Muir Elementary. Burbank, California.

Birthday: November 21, 1956. Born in Glendale, California.  Hang Ten Team Captain and 1975 Hang Ten World Champion skateboarder placing in the top 5 of his age group and making it to the finals on ABC's Wide World of Sports. He competed with Tony Alva, Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams and Ty Page. 

In 1978 he released his first pro model called; "The DHShredder" with skateboard sales rep Dave Middleman based out of Orange County, California.

His deck sold exclusively at the Boogie Bowl Skateparks' pro shop for several years. It was a blank model with no graphic.   

In the 1970's sponsored by Hang Ten, Hobie,  Lightning Bolt. and the Boogie Bowl Skatepark.  At 45 years old in 2002 by Teamgoon, Vision, L.A.Access Media, and Rock n Rons Rocket Bearings.

In 1978 he landed in the December issue of the Skateboard World Magazine's "New Faces" Vol. 2, No.12. doing a f/s air on the 1978 DxHxShredder pro model. You can view this issue in the photo gallery. 

Press: Don Hamilton

1) DxHxShredder Pro Model Release 2002.

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4)  Watch the Skateboarding Crocodile Dundee magically appear at the Skatelab in 2002?

5) Don Hamilton's Comedy Show at the Comedy Store 1999

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7) Grand Opening: the DxHxShredder custom apparel store

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"Jumping the Channel" A Skateboard Documentary



A Skateboard Documentary. 

In 1979 Don jumped the channel at the Marina Del Rey Skatepark during a major contest.

The photo sequence of this event never made the pages of the magazines. Ranked second best vert and pool skateboarder in the nation after placing 2nd in the ASPO Pro/Am National Championships held in Escondido, California in that same year. 

Everett Rosecrans of Vans took first place.  Don was docked half points for skateboarding backwards in competitions commonly known today as "Switch Stance" the Judges said; "skating backwards does not count". Also known for reverting out and "making"  the trick. 

He was docked points for innovation in competitions. Most certainly a hardening blow for his professional advancement. He went underground in 1981. From then on,  backyard pools and ramps were his secret training grounds. Here's some backyard pool footage with Tony Alva and Don from 1989. 

Twenty years later In 2001,  Don Hamilton (Mr. Hizzleton to some) made a mysterious appearance at the Old School Skate Jam where he would land a blind side "Alley Oop" layback air over the hip at the skatelab in front of an all star line up of Industry professionals. It would be featured on Blue Torch T.V. with LeeAnn Tweeden

In that same year new sponsors, a new graphic and re-release of his DxHxShredder brand  were in preparations for a 2002  release date with Team Goon and PRS Skateboards.


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Custom Ladies Tee's 

Chin in to win.


 World Cup Skateboarding 

From 2002 thru 2005 Don Competed in the Phillips Fusion Soul Bowl. Mervyns Beach Bowl Bash, and the Bank of the west .

Hamilton was one of the worlds oldest professional world champion skateboarders competing in the US Open of Surfings/World Cup Skateboarding  events where he would land the legendary Miller flip at 45 years old in August of 2002.

He was World Cup Skateboarding's  4th place winner at the Strawberry Bowl in 2004. Legendary for landing the Miller Flip over the light at 47 years old during this contest.. 

 Competed in the First annual Vans Protec Pool Party 2005. 

Only 100 DxHxShredder decks were released in 2002. Sold out as quickly as they were made.  

This deck is currently for sale on eBay from the original 2002 release. Signed by Don Hamilton. Price $800

The new DxHxShredder available now shop inquiries accepted here 


8.0, 8.25, 8.5


WB, 14 1/4"

Double kick.

Shrink wrapped.

American Made first run by Madrid Skateboards. Huntington Beach, California.

Mr. Hizzleton Invented the elusive,  fakie layback 360, f/s 540 Spheelie to revert, f/s 720 quadruple slide, f/s 540 slide,  f/s 540 grind, and a trick he calls the Hambone, which is basically an "Alley Oop Miller Flip revert. 

Skateboarding "Forevers" at Magic Mountain Parkway. Summer of 1990.

He landed the Miller Flip to Revert at Upland's new park in 2002.


From 2002, 45 years old at the SkateLab.

Test riding the "Boosted" Skateboard in San Diego, California. July 1, 2015.

Competed in the OG Jam Series 2015 on youtube at 03:40 and 06:09 

He dislocated his shoulder twice in the same competition. 

With over 50 years of skateboarding, he only stops to heal from his wounds. 

Keep your chin in to win. --Don Hamilton


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